18,000ft Skydive

NZD 595,00 NZ$
  • Varaktighet: 3 Timmar (cirka)
  • Plats: Parakai, Auckland
  • Produktkod: 18K

Get ready to re-define freedom and transform your reality!

Your scenic flight to 18,000ft will give you breathtaking views of both the east and west coasts of New Zealand, Great Barrier Island, Waiheke Island, Mount Ruapehu and even Mount Taranaki!  Your instructor will point out the views as you climb to 18,000ft ready to experience the highest skydive in the Southern Hemisphere!  It's no scarier to go higher, but it is going to give a chance to really enjoy the experience as your freefall will last up to 75 seconds travelling at 200km per hour, before your instructor will open your parachute and glide you safely back down to earth.  

If you're only going to skydive once, this is one to do.  Go big or go home!

On arrival our team will take you through a briefing explaining your skydive experience including jumping from high altitude, answering any questions you have and making sure you are ready for the experience of a lifetime.  You will be paired up with an instructor, geared up in equipment and off you go!  Capturing your experience with one of our personalised camera packages? Make sure you write a message on your hands! Your camera package (purchased separately) will include footage of you and your instructor on the ground, enjoying the scenic ride in the aircraft, your exit including your reaction as you leave the plane, 75 seconds of freefall (including any messages on your hands!), your 4-5 minute parachute ride and your landing.

Book the 18,000ft skydive, highest in NZ, and receive a FREE Skydive Auckland scarf on the day. Perfect to keep you warm up there!

18,000ft skydives are limited to those 12 years and over.

To book a skydive in the next 24 hours, please call us on 0800 921 650. 

If the time you require is not available please email info@skydiveauckland.com or call on 0800 921 650.

Want to book a group? Our large 17-seat plane makes this the ideal group activity. Jump with your family, friends and colleagues! Email us at info@skydiveauckland.com or call 0800 921 650.